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At Network Tech we deliver all the possible solutions for Networking infrastructure including Local Area Networks (LAN), WAN, wireless, remote access and security solutions based on the business environment and the industrial strength.

Our Network Solutions are 100% guaranteed by international partners to deliver the best performance and quality to our clients.

Also we can offer a Wireless network infrastructure represents the hardware, services and software components of an entire network that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise network.

Our Products Brief


Routers help transmit packets to their destinations by charting a path through the sea of interconnected networking devices using different network topologies.


A switch is a multiport bridge with a buffer and a design that can boost its efficiency(a large number of ports imply less traffic) and performance.


A hub is basically a multi port repeater. A hub connects multiple wires coming from different branches, for example, the connector in star topology which connects different stations.


A bridge operates at data link layer. A bridge is a repeater, with add on the functionality of filtering content by reading the MAC addresses of source and destination.


A repeater operates at the physical layer. Its job is to regenerate the signal over the same network before the signal becomes too weak or corrupted so as to extend the length to which the signal can be transmitted over the same network.

-Network Cabling

Network cable acts like a medium through which information travels from one network device to the other. The type of cable selected for a network depends on the network’s size, topology, and procedure. The various types of network cables act as the backbone of the network infrastructure.

  • Coaxial Cable

  • Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Cable

  • Fiber Optic Cable

  • Unshielded Twisted Pair

Ekahau Pro

Ekahau wifi

Ekahau Pro site survey tool is the complete toolkit for designing, analyzing, optimizing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. Running on either macOS or Windows, it is the de-facto tool for network engineers in companies of all sizes.

Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi Planning

Accurately design a high-capacity Wi-Fi network based on your requirements. Create the entire plan in 3D, and take into account wall materials, floor materials, antenna direction and up/downtilt , and many more factors. Design for coverage as well as capacity thanks to the advanced Capacity Planning features.

Ekahau Pro Features

  • 3D Wi-Fi Planning

  • Hybrid Site Surveys

  • Network Analysis, Simulation and Optimization

  • Troubleshooting

  • Reporting

  • Spectrum Analysis

  • Capacity Planning and Analysis

Ekahau Pro

Ekahau sidekick

Ekahau Kit

Wifi Planning

TRIAX Solutions

Triax iptv

Seamless integration. Boundless opportunities. One unique supplier. Our solutions cover a wide range of hardware and software, focusing on the following 4 areas:

  • TV Distribution: High quality terrestrial, satellite and cable signals, sent straight to the guest TV from our ultra flexible headend.

  • WiFi: Reliable internet to every room, using the TV cables you already have. It won’t let you down, so you won’t let your guests down.

  • TRIAX In Touch: Deliver services, information and marketing to guests discreetly and effectively, with our interactive communication platform powered by one unique management tool.

Martello Solutions

Martello Load balancers

Link Balancing

For seamless and transparent integration.

How do Martello Link Balancers Work?

LBX and VLBX devices allow the use of many routed links simultaneously and support any kind of routed link or speed. Their deployment requires no change to standard router configurations. Martello Link Balancers allow balancing for both incoming and outgoing traffic, usually on a per session basis (source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, and protocol).

Benefits of Martello Link Balancing Solutions

LBX and VLBX devices offer significant benefits to any organization depending on Internet or network connectivity to conduct normal operations.


BUSINESS CONTINUITY – the use of multiple ISP links enables maximum uptime for connectivity, therefore ensuring the organization is able to conduct online activities normally even if one or more ISPs are not available, as long as one remains. This minimizes the risks of losing sales during outages. Key services such as web surfing, VPN access, and voice traffic will remain available and ensure normal operations.

PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT – aggregating multiple links onto the same Link Balancer gives the organization the benefit of increased throughput for both upload and download activities.

COST REDUCTION – by preventing downtime, productivity is maintained and employees operate normally even during link failures and outages. The same can be said of servers and services, ensuring all transactions are able to be completed.

LOWER HELPDESK CALLS – when Internet access is functioning normally, even when one or more ISPs are not available, users will not contact the helpdesk for assistance and will most likely not try to troubleshoot their equipment themselves.

Wifi Survey

Wifi Planning


Heat Mapper

Ekahau Connect

Ekahau analyzer

Heat Map Survey

wifi coverage

5g internet


Network Solutions

IT Solutions

Network infrastructure

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Routers and hubs

WIFI heat map

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