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Secure and strong network connectivity is vital for hotels for both customer-facing and enterprise purposes. Network Tech is a certified partner to Extreme Networks who share with us a great experience in this field.

Extreme’s software-driven, secure, and smart network infrastructure meets the unique business and physical needs of the mobile-driven hospitality environment, including switching, centralized management, and contextual network analytics. Extreme offers the ability to outfit customized, high-quality guest wireless across any property regardless of the existing infrastructure deployed.   


Hospitality IPTV Solutions

Provided and supported with large entities like Triax , we have expertise knowledge in creating infrastructure network that supports IPTV Protocols with ease and fast accessibility , also we can improve and redevelop actual infrastructures for reliable performance

TRIAX hospitality solution enables hotel owners to further enhance the guest experience and develop new revenue streams. TRIAX cost effective, secure and flexible Hospitality solution allows the distribution of TV, radio, video, information channels and web content throughout the hotel. Content is distributed directly to in-room and is aimed at better meeting guests’ entertainment and service needs.

TRIAX hospitality solution can operate in both existing coax cable and pure IP network infrastructure to deliver high quality HD content to all guests. It comprises the latest TDX  headends with conditional access system (CAS) for secure pay TV channel options and middleware. The TRIAX hospitality solution is providing the small or middle size installers with a one-stop-shop for generating new revenue streams to smaller hotel or hotel chains.

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